Episode Two: Edward II

Hey there listeners,

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edward quarto

Talking points:

  • The fact that we don’t know exactly how to pronounce some of these characters’ names.
  • The way that editors sometimes make decisions that change the way we feel about the death scene.
  • Marlowe’s adeptness at manipulating our sympathies.
  • Derek Jarman’s 1992 film adaptation (here’s a link, if you’d like to watch it).
  • Similarities between King Edward II and Hannibal Lecter (yeah, seriously. Here’s a link to an episode of Hannibal that Cat mentions in the episode).

Catherine and Yolana each consulted different editions of the play before recording this episode, and the differences between those editions coloured our discussion. In case you’re interested in those nuances, you can consult the citations below. Both of us recommend the New Mermaids edition most of all.

Cat read:

Edward the Second. Ed. Martin Wiggins and Robert Lindsey. New Mermaids. London: A & C Black, 1997.

Edward the Second. Ed. Mathew R. Martin. Canada: Broadview P, 2010.

Yoli read:

“Edward the Second.” Christopher Marlowe: The Complete Plays. Ed. J.B. Steane. London: Penguin, 1969. pp. 431-533.

“Edward the Second.” English Renaissance Drama: A Norton Anthology . Ed. David Bevington et. al. New York: W. W. Norton, 2002. pp. 351-420.

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