Episode 18: The Island Princess

Are you sick of current events in the United States, the UK, or wherever you are right now? Take a 40 minute break from reality with this episode. Bard Times podcast will whisk you away to an Early Modern vacation in a tropical paradise! Bodice-ripping thrills and swash-bucking adventure awaits you in this romance by John Fletcher.

(Full disclosure: this “paradise” is still chock-full of Islamophobia, cultural appropriation, and imperialist politics… so it really isn’t that different from real life in 2017.)

This 2012 edition of the play by Clare McManus is soooo good

Talking Points:

  • Clare McManus’s exceptionally wonderful edition of this play (Arden series)
  • This one scene from The Princess Bride, another classic from the romance genre.
  • Do these characters have any psychological depth? Does it matter if they don’t?
  • This play is obsessed with masculinity and honour.
  • The politics (and sexiness) of religious conversion.

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