Episode 19: Cymbeline (The Movie)

Hey folks! This episode is a film review. Remember when we did that film review episode about MacBender? That was probably the most that Cat and Yoli have ever disagreed with each other, and it got a little #awkward. This won’t be like that, we promise.

Film Poster

Talking Points:

  • Michael Almereyda’s approach to modernizing Shakespeare
  • The best and worst performances in this generally strong cast. (See the full cast list here.)
  • How does this compare to Almeryda’s other well-known modernized Shakespeare adaptation, Hamlet (2000) ?
  • We also compare it to lots of other Shakespeare film adaptations
  • Visual language/ visual puns (ahem. Baz Luhrmann did it best.)
  • Music. (Speaking of music, Yolana makes a mistake and incorrectly identifies this song as being by Bob Marley. The song is actually by Toots & The Maytals. Apologies.
  • Cat quotes from this Entertainment Weekly review.
  • Ed Helms and Ed Harris are totally different people.

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