Episode 17: The Spanish Tragedy

It’s the end of 2016, and for some reason, we can’t stop thinking about vengeance, murder, and tragedy. To celebrate, this new episode is all about Thomas Kyd’s influential play The Spanish Tragedy.


Talking points:

  • Bel-Imperia totally rocks
  • Echoes of this play in later tragedies (nb. comparisons to Hamlet)
  • A very tenuous film analogy.
  • Kyd’s use of language.
  • Epic meta-theatre, and a murderous play that’s even better than the one in Women Beware Women!

Episode 16: Doctor Faustus

Hello friends! Sorry about the long lull between episodes. November was a doozy, and we had to go on unofficial hiatus just to cope. We’re back now, and ready to get this podcast back on its feet.

This episode is about Christopher Marlowe’s incredibly popular play, Doctor Faustus. If you’re in the mood to explore more of Marlowe’s plays, why not go into the back catalogue and listen to Episode 2, which was about Edward II?

Doctor Faustus himself, getting that necromancy on.

Talking Points:

  • The ubiquity of the Faust myth and some of the other crucial iterations of that myth. For example: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Thomas Mann, and Charles Gounod. Or the classic Faustian myth: the 2001 movie Limitless starring Badley Cooper.
  • A story from This American Life about how people would act if they have superpowers.
  • The play’s protestant theology
  • Breaking Marlowe news! Did he collaborate with Shakespeare on the Henry VI plays? Read more about it here.
  • Everyone should definitely re-watch Shakespeare in Love and enjoy Tom Stoppard’s characterization of Marlowe.

Tune in next episode for Kyd’s The Spanish Tragedy!

Episode 15: The Bloody Banquet

HAPPY HALLOWEEN FROM BARD TIMES! We hope this October episode gets you in the mood for some spooky, creepy, sinful fun.


Talking Points:

  • Julia Kristeva and The Abject
  • Consumption, excess
  • Biblical and Mythological allusions
  • Bad, bad, evil women
  • The Excellent introduction by Julia Gaspar in the Oxford Complete Middleton
  • Horror!!!!
  • Middleton and Dekker’s awesome collaboration

Episode 14: All is True

This month’s episode is a sort-of sequel to the Perkin Warbeck episode from last month. It’s Shakespeare and Fletcher’s collaboratively written history of Henry VIII, a.k.a All is True

Henry VIII, by Hans Holbein the Younger

Talking points:

Episode 13: Perkin Warbeck

Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it… and that’s why this month we’re exploring John Ford’s Perkin Warbeck (published 1634). After all, we haven’t talked about a history play since way back in Episode Two.

Perkin Warbeck

Talking Points: