Episode 14: All is True

This month’s episode is a sort-of sequel to the Perkin Warbeck episode from last month. It’s Shakespeare and Fletcher’s collaboratively written history of Henry VIII, a.k.a All is True

Henry VIII, by Hans Holbein the Younger

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Episode 13: Perkin Warbeck

Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it… and that’s why this month we’re exploring John Ford’s Perkin Warbeck (published 1634). After all, we haven’t talked about a history play since way back in Episode Two.

Perkin Warbeck

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Episode 12: Galatea

The podcast is back! Sorry there was no episode in June, Yoli was travelling and didn’t pack her microphone. We’re making it up to you by discussing a delightfully adorable play: John Lyly’s Galatea (c. 1584).

Edward's Boys
Joe Pocknell as Cupid, dressed as a nymph, in Edward’s Boys’ production (Stratford-upon-Avon, 2014)

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Episode 11: Women Beware Women

This episode is about Middleton’s Women Beware Women. For more Middleton (and Rowley) check out our previous episode about The Changeling. 

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Tim Pigott-Smith as the Duke and Hayley Atwell as Bianca in the RSC’s 2006 production.

Episode 10: Arden of Faversham

This episode was recorded “live” from the Shakespeare Association of America Conference! (To learn more about what happened at the conference this year, check out all the posts with #ShakeAss16 on Twitter).

This episode also features the voice and the wisdom of a special guest expert: Dr. Cassie Ash!


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